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Half-Half Original Fried+(반반 치킨)
MyMy Chicken Steeles

Half-Half Original Fried+(반반 치킨)

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Wanna try more than one flavor? Go half-half!

Original Fried + Choose another one

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Tucciarone
Great Service

The food here is amazing. Sadly when I picked it up, they missed one order of Half-Half. When I called them when I got home they were beyond nice and apologized for the mistake. They told me to drive back and pick it up, but they will make a fresh batch. When I arrived they gave me a whole bunch of extra free food on the house ( I did not ask for this and kept saying no ), but they insisted. Really nice service and all the extra food was amazing.

Better last time

Spicy sauce lacking flavour.
Chicken was cooked great.
Only problem is that whenever I order from their website, they don’t know where my order is once I’m there to pick up.

John Smith

It was good! Service was very fast when i ordered online, but wasn't as hot as i hoped it would be when i got home.